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About UseMe.tv

What is UseMe.tv?

UseMe.tv is a cool new way of Interacting with public TV displays. Wherever you see the colorful UseMe.tv logo try the following steps:

  1. Take your phone out of your pocket.
  2. Open your phone's Browser.
  3. Enter the number shown on the screen.

Your phone becomes a TV remote control, allowing you select what is shown on the screen.

The content that will be shown on the screen depends upon what the owner of the screen wants to show you, but may include product specials and other offers.

The good news is that a UseMe.tv display tells you that a merchant considers customer service important.

What Next?

As you browse through items on the screen we collect a list of your favorites. The items that you spend the most time viewing will be displayed on the top of this webpage, and you may return as many times as you like to view them.

If you click on one of the images you will be shown further details, or given the option of visiting a webpage with more information, or the opportunity to purchase the product online.